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    FREE STUFF! You know sometimes you just gotta say what the hell right? We’ve just about run out of the first pressing of our CD Souvenir. There have been many many request and comment about when are we gonna finally release a followup CD. Well, we are working on it although at a snails pace (Hey we have real jobs!) slowly. Most...

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2014 Kalamazoo Marathon

    The “New” May Classic Two years ago we were lucky enough to be one of the bands along the route of the¬†inaugural¬†Kalamazoo Marathon. We played out on Oakland Ave. It was early, it was cold, it was wet… and it was fun! It was one of those days you ask yourself, “what am I doing?” at first and realize...

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Well, We spent all this time creating a cool new website, but then didn’t pay any attention to actually putting more information out there! It’s been a long 2 months let me tell you that. Between scheduling, the holidays and people (me) being out of the country we have been on a sort of “vacation”...

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Going Live!

    The new website is up and running and to celebrate we are practically giving away music! For the next week we are blowing out digital downloads of our CD Souvenir for only $1. Yup, that’s 11 great tunes for only $1. Click here to take advantage of this sweet deal. In other website news, a new and improved mailing list will be...

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